Inspire Night at Teen Spirit

Posted on: 2nd February 2015

This week at Teen Spirit, members were invited to explore what inspires them.

We had some acting, spoken word and music professionals from The Roundhouse in Camden visit and run a few workshops which was a great opportunity for members to write or sing about what positive inspiration they have in their in their lives.

We held a group session at the end of the evening and members were given the chance to perform what they had produced in the workshop. The drama group performed a comedic sketch about being a new pupil at school, the issues that may arise and how to overcome those barriers. A member from the drama group said ”

I’m having trouble with being shy…but the best thing about drama is getting to be a different person and getting to know the people around you”.

The spoken word workshop was the most popular – the facilitator from The Roundhouse encouraged members to think about what inspires them and how it encourages them to pursue their life goals. The aim was to get members to link these two concepts and create a spoken word poem. One member said “I was having trouble with linking the words but this workshop has helped to free my creativity and lets my mind wander…it’s great they let you do your own thing and write your own poem”.

It was great having such talented professionals to work on the evening’s projects. An experienced member who regularly performs spoken word said “I’ve done spoken word before – it helps me write music but Adam from The Roundhouse had such good technique - it made it really easy to be inspired!”.

In the music session with the Roundhouse facilitator worked with members to write and record a song in our studio. Listen to  “I Can Achieve”, one of the songs that was recorded on the night, on the Transmission Radio player!

The Roundhouse offers some amazing programmes for young people aged 15-25 which you should check out!

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